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Design is never purely about aesthetics. It requires a careful thought process to devise strategies in order to achieve goals – both for the project at hand and for the company. Another Colour clearly understands this and incorporates smart design into each project for corporations large and small, recognising the importance of maximising the impact of your brand, every time.

1. The Annual Report

Group Colleges Australia operates five different educational colleges in the domestic and international student market. The Annual Report, a 10-year Anniversary edition, was designed to reflect this significant milestone. We used dynamic illustrations, minimalistic charts that utilised a limited colour palette and candid student portraits to provide a snapshot of campus life. Silver and blue metallic inks throughout the Annual Report brought vibrancy to the brand’s new look. The design of the report was so well received that it was incorporated into the invitations for the 10-year Anniversary celebrations.

2. The Campus Mini-guide

A snapshot of the whole UNSW campus, At a Glance is the key piece of marketing collateral in a handy pocket size (A6) – used to promote the campus by delegates, researchers and staff both in Australia and overseas. Working with writers and editors from the university, we created a visual layout with layers of interest using compelling facts, bold colours and pull quotes. Cover photo is by Brett Boardman.

3. The Proposal

Exhibitions & Trade Fairs (ETF) is a full service exhibition organiser with over thirty years’ experience in trade and consumer exhibitions, conferences and events across a diverse range of industries. Their Proposal of Services needed to be a powerful marketing tool and highly engaging not dissimilar to the exhibitions they devise and host.

We achieved this by introducing a sophisticated colour palette sympathetic to the corporate reds and black of the logo, a combination of event photography and dynamic infographics. The mix of facts, philosophy and highlights told the complete story, all bound into one booklet.

4. The Prospectus

Stakeholders interested in investing in Atura Hotels were given a prospectus with a difference. The document is as colourful and lively as the properties themselves, yet still speaks to the corporate audience. The brand's story is captured via vibrant property photography and dynamic portraiture amongst a series of infographics.

5. The Student Guide

Art & Design at the University of New South Wales, which was formerly known as College of Fine Arts (COFA), approached us to create their 2016 Undergraduate and Postgraduate Guides. Our challenge was to design inspiring recruitment collateral that was distinct from the faculty's previous branding and embodied the new name: a more inclusive representation of the diverse curriculum.

Original, mix-media compositions were developed for the covers representing the multifaceted nature of the faculty’s interdisciplinary approach. Over 15,000 copies of the guides were printed on 100% recycled paper. Since publication, holiday workshops and campus tours have received a 400% increase in attendance and the layout and design of the guides played a part in the redesign of the UNSW Art & Design website.

6. The Service Brochures

Staging Connections is a leading B2B brand, bringing corporate events to life with state-of-the-art audio visual technologies and concept-driven creative services.

We developed a full suite of marketing materials for the different (but integrated) services the company offers. A series of photoshoots with Assembly Agency captured the people behind the company and put a face to the services. We also worked closely with Marketing to develop a series of value propositions and a brand identity which were captured in the company’s style guide.

Our friends at Staging Connections say “Another Colour are continually working in the background, developing ideas and moving my brand forward. They have my trust and full support. To me they are an extension of my team”.

Let us be your guide

Corporate business can be extremely competitive but with the proper guidance we can ensure you convey information clearly and concisely, rendering each project a success. Another Colour can make the connection from idea, to execution, to target audience.

We understand that your corporate brand is not simply about its colour palette or a set of fonts in use, it is the complete picture of your organisation and the image that it projects. We can guide you through the whole process to ensure smart, targeted and informative design work.

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