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Empowering members through annual reports about world-class research

The meat processing industry will be carbon neutral by 2030 and advanced robotics will reduce human product handing by 50%.

Reporting on state-of-the-art innovation projects to industry leaders

The Australian Meat Processor Corporation (AMPC) is the industry’s research and development corporation. Their mission is to propel the industry forward through innovation to become more competitive, profitable and sustainable.

Our most recent annual report included portraiture from the ‘More to Meat’ campaign, featuring individuals from a wide spectrum of careers within the industry. Readers were guided through a processing plant tour, introducing them to a diverse workforce that embodies all aspects of the supply chain.


  • Art direction
  • Annual report design
  • Custom charts and icons
  • 3D illustrations
  • Slogan development
  • Infographics


  • Best Print Design 2021, Design Rush
  • IDA Design Awards 2021, Bronze
  • DNA Paris Awards 2021, Hon Mention
  • CreativePool Annual 2021, Shortlist

Reimagining the meat industry

For the past four years, Another Colour has designed AMPC’s annual reports. Our design challenge was to reposition perceptions of the industry and reconnect members to the value of research.

For the 2022 Annual Report, we provided art direction for photographer Graham Jepson at the Innovation Showcase featuring members interacting with cutting-edge technology.

In 2020, the Board embraced a bold new creative direction, appointing Another Colour as the creative partner for a comprehensive corporate rebrand. Guided by stakeholder research, we moved away from overused, irrelevant stock photography and adopted a technology-focused approach to empower members for the future.

Reflecting on the year with 3D illustrations

Capturing AMPC’s future-facing spirit, the 2020 Annual Report adopted a fresh look that champions sustainability and innovation using 3D models with futuristic fibreglass finishes.

For the 2021 Annual Report, we built a full-scale processing plant of the future. The reader is taken on a tour of the plant as they learn about developments in each program. A bird’s-eye view of the plant reveals AMPC’s diamond emblem.

Another Colour’s ability to listen and make informed decisions on creative direction is a joy and not something I have found very often in working with design teams. They have a superior style of engagement with clients and work hard to understand and anticipate their needs.

Claire Bond, Communication & Marketing Manager, Australian Meat Processor Corporation

Incorporating industry models in a strategic vision

The Annual Operating Plan outlines AMPC’s renewed focus on technology and partnership. We collaborated with mechanical engineers to source authentic robotic models and incorporated them into our designs. A colour palette was inspired by hues of the industry — from machinery, laboratories and protective plastics. The final report was printed on renewable stocks, perfect bound and finished with spot varnish, to enhance the shiny renders.

Engaging a nation-wide member base

Outlining the year’s R&D initiatives, the 2022 Annual Operating Plan features five discs, representing each of AMPC’s strategic programs. Each disc was inspired by industry colours and textures and featured objects depicting upcoming research projects.

Raw models courtesy of Strategic Engineering Pty Ltd and Scott Technology

Another Colour are of a rare quality — they are genuine and are true partners in making ideas and concepts visual and effective. Working with Steve and his team has been a seamless experience for us. We love what they have helped us to produce and the feedback from outside our organisation has been outstanding. I believe their service is excellent value.

Claire Bond, Communication & Marketing Manager, Australian Meat Processor Corporation

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