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Compelling Infographics

Infographics are 30 times more likely to be read from top to bottom than articles1 and receive three times more shares than any other type of content.2 Another Colour is a design studio specialising in infographic design that will engage and entertain your audience.

Transforming your data into infographics

Using visual storytelling, we can transform a long data-heavy report into a compelling and shareable infographic. Infographics provide a convenient and attractive format for interpreting complex information. As humans, our ability to categorise and compare makes the medium a fun way to learn.

Your infographic design is an exciting challenge for us, as we work collaboratively to produce an engaging visualisation. With over 20 years’ experience working with corporate communications, our portfolio is dominated with infographics from an array of sectors, including government, education and technology.

Contact us to begin a conversation about how we can create an original infographic for you.

Our service includes

  • Free cost estimates
  • Creative direction
  • Data interpretation
  • Copy editing
  • Original illustration
  • Icon design
  • Data visualisation
  • Longform infographics
  • Social media posts
  • Handover of all artwork files
  • WCAG 2.0 compliance
  • Dedicated project manager

1 Digital Information World
2 NNGroup

Designers that love data

At Another Colour we can distil your data into a more streamlined form of communication. We don’t just make data ‘look pretty’ — we seek to readily understand your complex material and communication goals. Melding illustration, data interpretation and stunning typography, we create dynamic infographics that your audience will want to share. Articles featuring infographics received 72% more views than normal articles,3 so why not include them in your annual report, brochure or website?

3 Hubspot

City West Water
As the reader follows the Yarra River, the Urban Water Strategy is revealed in the Melbourne landscape. An online accessible version accompanied pocket-sized printouts distributed at the strategy’s launch.

Pathways to Investment Vision
Powerlines climb to the top of a metaphorical summit of success. Using an iterative approach, we distilled over a dozen pages of workshop notes into a single infographic.

Australian Meat Processor Corporation (below)
After studying a 50-page report that benchmarked the sector’s trajectory to be carbon neutral by 2030, we devised infographics of abatement technologies to highlight alarming findings. The new summary was shared with time-poor stakeholders.

Another Colour are of a rare quality — they are genuine and are true partners in making ideas and concepts visual and effective. Working with Steve and his team has been a seamless experience for us. We love what they have helped us to produce and the feedback from outside our organisation has been outstanding. I believe their service is excellent value.

Claire Bond, Communication & Marketing Manager, AMPC

Let us be your guide in the digital age

Adding motion and interactivity to your infographics can give them even more impact, allowing you to explain, persuade and entertain. Animation is invaluable when synthesising complex information into bite-sized pieces and helps guide viewers through your visual story step-by-step. Interactivity aids in the engagement of readers, allowing them to click through evolving data sets and compare trends year upon year. Longform infographics are perfectly suited to the scrolling page, and we have designed and developed many as email campaigns, optimised for both desktop and mobile audiences. We are experts in data visualisation and can work with you to create a website or dashboard to help observe trends and derive important insights.

Humane Society International
To express unjustified use of shark nets in NSW, we analysed catch data and sourced hard-hitting insights for a digital infographic. As the user scrolls down to the depths of the ocean, the devastating impacts upon endangered wildlife are revealed.

A combination of photography and charts was used to promote TruRating’s customer rating delivery system and retail satisfaction insights.

Lifeline (below)
Our illustrations and infographics for Lifeline’s 2021 annual report accompany stories of fundraising successes. Media partnerships and community outreach programs were punctuated with the amount of lives impacted.

An array of applications

We have worked with clients from many industries, and have used infographics to: add colour to white papers; illustrate the introduction to an Annual Report and explain the technical features of a new SAAS product. We recently translated a 20-page innovation strategy document into a single-page mission statement illustration shared company-wide, to all levels of staff.

We transformed a chemist’s technical report into an engaging Q&A factsheet to educate potential customers on the effects of hypochlorous acid disinfectant.

Health Direct (below)
Australians spend over 7 hours a day looking at screens. In collaboration with Codesain, we presented a series of hard-hitting facts about the digitial age. The infographics were used to communicate to decision-makers the importance of developing digital products that permeate all aspects of the digital landscape.

For more information

Our agile team works methodically and collaboratively to understand your brand and the needs of your project. Infographics are a valuable communications tool and we will work with you to refine targeting messages for your audience. The result will be an informative infographic, that can be emailed, shared online or printed.

Check out our portfolio, or contact us to discuss your infographics project. We’ll happily prepare a comprehensive cost estimate and present some relevant case studies that showcase how the design thinking we apply to infographics has brought meaningful change for our clients. We look forward to hearing from you.

NSW Innovation and Productivity Council
The Business Size Report was punctuated with complex infographics that were digestible at a glance and informative upon closer inspection.

True Local
To bring to life a white paper report with insights into consumers’ behaviour when rating brands online, we used the brand’s neon colour palette and designed custom infographics and icons.