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Club Med

Designing the key annual brochure for the Australian-Pacific market since 2017

With over 50,000 copies produced, Club Med’s annual Sun & Snow Resort brochure is the primary tool used to market the household name to travel agents in the Australia-Pacific region.

Pioneering the all-inclusive holiday concept

Club Med’s ‘happy spaces’ offer stress-free experiences with remarkable value at some of the world’s most beautiful destinations. Over the past five years, Another Colour has art directed, designed and print managed the annual brochure, with an emphasis on high-end resorts. Local demand is growing strong, with many new resorts opening and the brochure nearing 100 pages.


  • Art direction
  • User research
  • Brochure design
  • Print management
  • Proofreading
  • Infographics

Exceptional spaces with unparalleled service.

The 2023 edition of the brochure featured the Exclusive Collection — a set of resorts redefining luxury with thoughtful touches to make your holiday unforgettable. Champagne anyone? Using navy and gold, we we abandoned the traditional use of white and blue, to create a distinctive edge to the premium collection.

Our project was a success. The new design perfectly aligns with our upscale strategy through beautiful brochures that showcase our premium resorts whilst still being fun. Another Colour has been a longtime partner and we’ve been so happy to continue working with them.

Montana Daly, Communications Manager, Club Med.

Free and floaty, but factually-rich

At the commencement of our working relationship, over 1,200 travel agents were surveyed. A lack of detail in past brochures was reported, hindering effective communication with clients. Our challenge was to optimise content with an editorial layout — creating a brochure that informs as well as inspires. Our design needed to be adaptable, showcasing tropical relaxation, through to action-packed snowy playgrounds.

Design partners since 2017

To deliver project efficiencies while the travel industry recovers post-Covid, we collaborated with Club Med’s in-house design team to create an adaptable template. Rationalising every inch of the page layout, we were able to deliver maximum information whilst retaining the airy bliss of the holiday experience.

Measuring success and improving design

Our client was pleased with how the new look affirmed the brand’s values and offered more comprehensive content. Travel agents were re-surveyed after the launch of the first brochure, and improvement was measured in all indicators of the satisfaction. ‘Look and Feel’ scored 4.4 out of 5, and the ‘Information’ category improved by over 10 percentage points.

Another Colour was compassionate towards our business challenges of being a travel brand recovering from the pandemic and worked with us to create beautiful templates within our budget. The whole team was a pleasure to work with, from understanding the brief immediately, to being exceptional in managing timelines and communications.

Montana Daly, Communications Manager, Club Med.

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