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In the age of the short attention span, infographics have become an important way to engage and entertain audiences. Using visual language is not a new idea and has existed throughout history as hieroglyphics, cuneiforms, pictograms and isotypes. These innovations have been fundamental to our advancement, as the human race relies on visual formats to deliver the most memorable messages.

Transposing information into compelling visual infographics

Using visual storytelling, a long data-driven report can be transformed into a compelling and coherent infographic. Whilst it is important not to distort or obscure data, an infographic can provide a convenient and attractive format for interpreting complex information. As humans, our ability to categorise and compare makes the medium a fun way to learn.

Above Amadeus IT
Below City West Water Urban Water Strategy

Let us be your guide

At Another Colour we can distil your data into a more streamlined form of communication. We don’t just make data ‘look pretty’ — we will seek to readily understand your complex material and communication goals. Melding original illustration, data manipulation and stunning typography, we can create a dynamic infographic that your audience will want to share.

Above Australian Payments Network Annual Review 2017

An array of applications

We have worked with clients from many industries, and have used to: infographics add colour to white papers; illustrate the introduction to an Annual Report and explain the technical features of a new a new SAAS product. We recently translated a 20-page innovation strategy document into an single-page mission statement illustration shared company-wide, to all levels of staff. Longform infographics are perfectly suited to the scrolling page, and we have designed and developed many as email campaigns.

Above Pathways to Investment, SmartSalary Package Infographic, TruRating Customer Insights
Below True Local Small Business Digital Reputations Report 2017

For more information

Check out our portfolio, call us on 61 2 8060 9644 or email us. We’ll happily give you a comprehensive cost estimate and show you some relevant case studies that showcase how infographics have brought value to organisations. We look forward to hearing from you.