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Taronga Zoo

Supporting conservation by raising awareness and branding events

Since 2010, Another Colour has supported Taronga’s conservation and fundraising endeavours with branding and design for 15 special events.

Creativity for conservation

Taronga’s tireless work in raising awareness about endangered species in Australia and across the planet is a true inspiration. We have grown close to each cause, educating invitees and others of an animal’s plight, motivating them to contribute and encouraging real change.

As creative partners, we have conceived event names, produced a series of interactive and award-winning invitations, and worked with event managers to ensure a cohesive look and feel is applied to signage, decoration and presentations. Some of our proudest moments appear below.


  • Event branding
  • Naming & theming
  • Illustration
  • Invitations & programs
  • Multi-media presentations
  • Environmental graphics
  • Print management

Spirit of the Sun — Zoofari 2016

Legend has it that the bib-shaped patch on the Sun Bear’s chest is a symbol for a rising sun. We named the event Spirit of the Sun and created an intricate, gold-foiled illustration stamped onto smooth black card — a sun literally shining through the bear to display its distinctive markings. The radiant motif was used throughout the event, printed on invitations, programs and décor.

The event raised over $383,000 and contributed to the protection of Indonesia’s endangered forests and wildlife while creating opportunities for local communities to live alongside wildlife. Our work was awarded a Silver Award in the Graphis Design Annual 2017 and was a Platinum Winner at the 2016 Muse Creative Awards.

Thank you for all the work you do for Taronga and the support you show year after year. There is no doubt that it makes a significant contribution to the success of our events.

Cameron Kerr, Director and Chief Executive, Taronga Foundation

Vanishing Species — Taronga Dinner 2016

The 2016 Masquerade Ball focused on ten legacy species from Sumatra and Australia, selected to celebrate the centenary of Taronga Zoo. We developed an elaborate mask illustration, silver-foiled onto royal blue card. The mask echoed the name of the event, Vanishing Species, with animals hidden in their habitats.

The event raised over $270,000 and contributed to the protection of the ten legacy species, both at home and abroad. We attended the fun-filled event and wore some innovative masks created and donated to the cause by Design Centre Enmore.

It is obvious that you and your team have an excellent understanding of Taronga and the Taronga brand which is so important when we are reaching out to our corporate partners, major donors and supporters.

Cameron Kerr, Director and Chief Executive, Taronga Foundation

Make a Splash! — Zoofari 2015

Funds raised at the 2015 event supported Australian Sea-Lions — a pupping pool was constructed at the zoo, as well as support for ongoing marine research programs. Inspired by the sea-lion’s habitat, a tranquil aquamarine seascape featured on the cover. Upon opening, a cascade of waves tumbled out, delighting the invitee with surprise. Event details are read between the waves’ crests, with pop-ups of cute sea-lions ducking and diving, beckoning attendance. The event collateral featured on PaperSpecs.

I love working with Another Colour and am always blown away by the creativity and the quality of their designs. They are always so efficient, professional and lovely to work with too. We always receive positive feedback from our guests commenting on how “stunning” and “gorgeous” the creative is!

Rebecca Pride, Events Manager, Taronga Foundation

Leap for Survival — Taronga Dinner 2012

With fewer than 120 Corroboree Frogs left in the wild, Taronga Zoo required an inspiring concept for their charity Taronga Dinner. To give invitees a sense of hope of rejuvenating the Frog’s population, an invitation was made to visually reference its breeding and lifecycle. A series of holes was drilled into recycled black card, representing tiny frogs eggs. Each hole had black gloss along the rim to represent the egg’s membrane. The invitation worked in a series of layers — upon opening, the eggs appeared to hatch into tadpoles. We used the distinct pattern of the Corroboree Frog as the colour scheme for both invitation and booking form, and the egg cluster motif was also used on the program cover and throughout the event.

The event succeeded in raising over $200,000 on the night which went towards a breeding and conservation program that now includes a permanent station at the zoo where guests can watch eggs hatching. The event collateral appeared on design blog For Print Only; featured on PaperSpecs; awarded Graphic Design of the Day, Design & Design International Design Awards; and was published in Design & Design, Book of the Year, Volume 7.

Thank you for supporting the Taronga Foundation by once again creating all the collateral for this event. We could not have achieved such a wonderful result without you.

Jessica Hair, Events Manager, Taronga Foundation

Five for the Wild — Zoofari 2012

Taronga’s 2012 event raised funds for five animals facing extinction — Asian Elephant, Cassowary, African Wild Dog, Sumatran Tiger and the Platypus. We collaborated with illustrator Chloe Joyce to create a collection of original illustrations. A mixture of pen, ink and watercolour were used to create images that resembled natural history illustrations using a hatching technique. Our concept was used as inspiration for the event space — the logo was turned into a plant wall, artwork was reproduced to adorn the bar and walls, and colourful fabric spilled from the roof to portray the watercolour swirls.

On the night participants received a vibrant program with auction details and background about the five animals. Over $370,000 was raised through ticket sales, auctions, pledges and raffles. These funds were then directed towards breeding and conservation projects to assist these endangered species.

Thank you for supporting the Taronga Foundation with all your hard work and creative genius… we have had so much positive feedback.

Rebecca Pride, Events Manager, Taronga Foundation

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