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NSW Police Force

Relaying the impacts of an upgraded radio network

The Police Force’s Radio Communications Maintenance Program was a major state-funded project worth $83 million, spanning more than seven years. Its universal benefits needed to be shared with politicians and the community at large.

Amping up the message

The end-of-program report was initially presented in Word format — the Chief Superintendent did not feel it successfully conveyed the major successes of the project. Another Colour was then commissioned to design a more engaging report, that amplified the program’s objectives and achievements. It was important the major impacts of the significant investment were understood by the high-profile audience, that included government ministers and executives.


  • Longform document design
  • Custom charts and icons
  • Infographics and illustrations
  • Social media assets
  • Print production

Making waves

Over 11,000 mobile and portable radios operate on the NSW Police network. Creating a visual for intangible and invisible radio waves presented a creative challenge — by warping the landscape, we metaphorically illustrated the amplitude of the longwave communications. First-hand accounts from police officers were typographically styled to accentuate these waves.

Worth a thousand words

The report was styled with a colour palette inspired by infrastructure, and tabled information was made more engaging with icons and original illustrations. Infographics and data-driven charts provided a snapshot of the project’s scope and performance, and these became shareable snippets for social media, press releases and internal communications.

A more robust and reliable network

The results of the program included digitisation, encryption and blackspot reduction, which will ultimately reduce rates of crime and save lives. To reflect the state-of-the-art technologies utilised, the report was finished with silver ink and spot varnish. The long-form report was tabled with parliament, and infographics shared more widely, communicating the Police Force’s continued commitment to improving the communications network.

We had two armed sieges in three days over the New Year period… the encryption and the support from staff, particularly in the seven hour stand-off on New Year’s Eve, contributed to a safe and relatively quick outcome.

Superintendent Bob Noble, Commander Wagga Wagga

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