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Innovation and Productivity Council

Visualising innovation data to stimulate productivity

NSW is a global innovation leader, ranking third for number of startup founders, behind California and Singapore. Half of Australia’s startups are based in NSW, making it the country’s startup capital.

Branding innovation for digital deep-dives

The NSW Innovation and Productivity Council (IPC) members bring rich and diverse expertise to advise the NSW Government on championing innovation for economic development. For the Innovation Economy Research Series, we created a visual identity that reflects the council’s future-facing and thought-provoking work.

Reports were themed with abstract diagrams, inspired by data visualisations used for their respective topics. An interactive landscape format, screen-optimised fonts and accessible colour palette enhanced the online user experience.


  • Corporate branding
  • Longform document design
  • Custom charts and icons
  • Infographics and illustrations
  • Interactive digital editions
  • Print production
  • Pull up banners
  • Social media assets
  • WCAG 2.0 accessibility

Three-dimensional precinct perspectives

For the NSW Innovation Precincts report, the nine types of innovation hub were portrayed as 3D miniature models. The illustrations avoided depictions of landmarks, allowing them to represent a concept that could be developed in any city. Innovation pipelines, appearing on the cover, extend to chapter dividers to reveal numerals.

Developing detailed infographics

Regular brainstorming sessions with the council resulted in the co-creation of a set of infographics that shared key findings and highlights. The branding system was extended to invitations, pull-up banners and digital marketing for launch events, attended by ministers, research leaders and the media.

Collaboration is associated with a 70% increase in new-to-world innovation.

In 2015, worker productivity in Silicon Valley was 1.7 times the US average.

Every job in the innovation precinct created five additional jobs elsewhere.

Our reports have received positive feedback from many key stakeholders, demonstrating the visual value Another Colour provides. I have recommended them to others and we look forward to continuing working with them.

Caroline Residovic, Manager, Innovation and Productivity, Secretariat for the NSW Innovation & Productivity Council, NSW Treasury

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