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Mason Grogan Industrial

A comprehensive catalogue for the Mobility Sector

With an inventory of over 950 specialist materials, Mason Grogan has supported Australian designers and engineers for more than 30 years.

The all-in-one resource for planes, trains and automobiles

Mason Grogan has curated a collection of high-performance materials from around the globe. With industry-specific knowledge, they offer the mobility sector independent access to best-in-class materials.

Our mission was to create the transport sector’s most comprehensive materials resource. Unlike other catalogues that merely list product codes, the Mason Grogan Mobility Catalogue is a definitive, data-rich guide for transport manufacturers. The easy-to-navigate catalogue features comparable properties and supportive infographics, empowering designers to choose optimum materials.

Whether designing a plane or an armoured vehicle, the technical guide equips design teams with specs of every material they could need.


  • Catalogue design
  • Illustration and infographics
  • Interactive digital editions
  • Print management

Visualising materials intelligence

In developing a visual language to articulate Mason Grogan’s ‘Materials Intelligence®’, we drew inspiration from CAD renders to create a unique line pattern across the catalogue’s 14 sections. A symbology inspired by road signage presented infographics outlining fundamental material properties.

Tailored tactile navigation for the print edition

Bright-coloured tabs assisted navigation over 196 pages. With an emphasis on usability, multiple menus and navigation devices empower users to select materials quickly. A metallic spiral binding allows the catalogue to sit flat in any work environment.

For us to create the best materials resource catalogue for Design, Procurement and Engineering teams across various transportation industries, there was only one creative design team to collaborate with. Another Colour is one of the top graphic design teams in Sydney. Steve Scott and his team have created some brilliant work for us in the past, therefore Another Colour were the obvious choice for us for the development of the Materials Intelligence® Mobility Catalogue. True experts in their field.

Mason Grogan

Enhancing accessibility with interaction

The catalogue was transformed into an interactive digital edition, educating participants at the AusRail 2023 exhibition via a touchscreen experience.

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