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Global Infrastructure Hub

Driving sustainable, resilient and inclusive infrastructure

Global Infrastructure Hub (GI Hub), developed by the G20 to advance its infrastructure goals, engages with over 1.8 million individuals worldwide, operating in 35 countries.

A central source of knowledge and collaboration

GI Hub, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to advancing the G20 infrastructure initiative, collaborates closely with both the public and private sectors. Serving as a knowledge hub, GI Hub offers valuable data, insights, and action-oriented programs to empower decisionmakers to create positive impacts through infrastructure.

For two years, Another Colour has been entrusted with the design of GI Hub’s Annual Reports, acknowledging their achievements and ongoing commitments to advancing infrastructure. The theme for the 2023 report was ‘Infrastructure for a fair and sustainable future’, addressing social and environmental impacts.


  • Art direction
  • Annual report design
  • Infographics
  • Accessible design

Inspiring inclusive infrastructure

In the 2023 Annual Report, visual puns establish a connection between physical infrastructure and broader social and environmental outcomes. The visual metaphors include a seamless transition of silicon chips into an aerial view of a bustling cityscape, and a bustling transport highway that morphs into an information superhighway. This symbolically represents the integration of technology with urban development, highlighting a commitment to innovative and sustainable infrastructure solutions.

Setting new goals

Drawing inspiration from Lozano’s Venn Diagram of Sustainability, the 2022 Annual Report emphasises the interconnectedness of GI Hub’s goals. Balancing circles become dynamic containers for each of the report’s themed sections. With an emphasis on interactivity, a comprehensive icon set was developed to facilitate navigation and link directly to key projects.

Another Colour’s work elevated our Annual Report, helping us attract attention from key stakeholders and communicate effectively and creatively the impact of our work. Engagement with the report was very strong, and we received excellent feedback from our executive team and board of directors.

Director Marketing and Communications, Global Infrastructure Hub

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