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DE International Student Recruitment

Capturing school life in Australia

As Australia’s largest education provider, the NSW Department of Education embraced a dramatic re-brand to market their world-leading schools to overseas students.

Australian school life — work and play

Recreating the DE International brand required a stronger connection with students, but also their parents and career advisors. Academic excellence, the Australian lifestyle and strong career pathways needed to be portrayed in a contemporary brand overhaul, that projected a well-rounded international education.


  • Student guide
  • Responsive website design
  • GUI Design
  • Pull up banners
  • Presentation folders
  • Recruitment flyers
  • Stationery

Journalling the experience

Our challenge was to rebrand their recruitment collateral with a less corporate look. We took inspiration from a student’s journal or scrapbook, where photos, handwritten notes and ephemera playfully interact with lined paper, machine code and other textures. Living up to our name, we used bold complementary colour schemes to create a distinctive look that will stand apart from competitor brands.

Relaunching overseas and online

The rebrand was extended to all aspects of international student recruitment, including stationery, exhibition displays and flyers. Working closely with the department’s technology team, we designed a new fully-responsive website, incorporating a series of creative collages into a content-rich site, reassuring our audience of the success and wellbeing of future students. Feedback from the recruitment team has been positive with student guides now translated into 10 languages.

Users have been delighted by the website’s redesign. The new colour palette is uplifting and the collages give a welcoming and exciting portrayal of school life in NSW.

Angel Tang, Business Development Manager, DE International

Streamlining the application process

With many stakeholders involved in the lengthy application and placement process, DE International were seeking to create a digital portal to increase efficiency and create transparency. We designed an interface for the portal that demystified the approval process and improved the user journey for international students, local schools and staff.

The website has been very well received especially the design and information architecture. Thank you to your whole team who did an amazing job. Your perseverance, professionalism, eye for design and detail are very much appreciated.

Mark Focas, Project Manager, DE International

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