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Launching a skincare range into the Australian retail market

In today’s insta-beautiful world, women and men are spending more than ever on skincare — the Australian cosmetics industry’s projected annual growth is strong, reaching $8 billion by 2020.1

The mother of invention

Wendy Reiner, Balense’s founder and formulator, created the range out of necessity. Frustrated with a multitude of unkept promises from ineffective products, she patented her scientifically-proven formulation and set up shop online. Another Colour was engaged to launch the range into the Australian retail arena, redesigning brand and packaging assets and creating a launch campaign, for both in-store promotion and across multi-platform advertising.


  • Brand blueprint and guidelines
  • Logo and supporting graphics
  • Packaging design
  • Signage and product display
  • Digital and print advertising
  • Stationery and e-signature
  • Social media assets

Meets the mother of re-invention

For the brand’s retail launch, Reiner collaborated with entrepreneur Deb Farnworth-Wood, who provided valuable insight into transforming Balense into a clinic-ready product line. Working with this trailblazing team, we took the range from three products to 15, building a customisable skincare system to work for all Australian women. Using brand workshops, we created a brand blueprint, deliberately outlining the target audience, values, points of difference and personality.

Skincare — delivering an ethical range with a simple promise

Inspired by the brand’s transparent approach we stripped back the identity and infused a minimal, Scandinavian aesthetic, matching the Swedish-inspired name. Upholding the brand’s environmental values, indulgent glossy box-packaging was removed. An easy-to-recognise four-step process was integrated into the recyclable packaging, adding colour and a customisable approach to the cos-medic range that proudly lists all active ingredients.

Beyond the brandmark

The launch campaign included print and digital advertising campaign focussed on the scientific attributes of the products’ formulation. In-store promotions, stationery and a product display system completed the Balense brand book. The brand’s rise sees it adopted by over 50 retail stockists in Australia, as well as an emerging international audience via the online store.

1  Australia Beauty and Personal Care Products Market — Growth, trends, forecast (2019 to 2024)

Ageless science — a new way to face the world in four easy steps.

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