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Empowering industry members through world-class research

Australian meat processors are the single largest exporter of Australian food products to the world, with over 60% of red meat produced in Australia being exported.

Industry leaders launching a new vision

The Australian Meat Processors Corporation (AMPC) is the national research and development corporation for meat processors, ensuring the industry is at the forefront of innovation to remain competitive, profitable and sustainable. In 2020, a new corporate vision was launched to encourage engagement from more members. Capturing AMPC’s future-facing spirit, the reports feature 3D models of manufacturing robots, a dramatic departure from overused and irrelevant stock photography of farmers and butchers. By showcasing the process, AMPC asserts its drive to empower Australian processors through world-class research and industry-leading initiatives.


  • Art direction
  • Longform document design
  • Custom charts and icons
  • 3D illustrations
  • Slogan development
  • Infographics

Exploring a strategic plan in three dimensions

The 2020–2025 Strategic Plan presents AMPC’s mission with a renewed focus on innovation and partnership. Original 3D infographics of the new service delivery model and program structure were developed over several workshops with the client. We collaborated with mechanical engineers to source real-life 3D models that we rendered with futuristic fibreglass finishes. The futuristic design is reinforced by utilitarian fonts and a colour palette inspired by the industrial tones of plastics, machinery and laboratories. The final report was printed on renewable stocks, perfect bound and finished with a spot varnish, to bring the fibreglass renders to life.

Another Colour’s ability to listen and make informed decisions on creative direction is a joy and not something I have found very often in working with design teams. They have a superior style of engagement with clients and work hard to understand and anticipate their needs.

Claire Bond, Communication & Marketing Manager, Australian Meat Processor Corporation

Reaching an expansive member base

Outlining the year’s R&D initiatives, the Annual Operating Plan depicts a carcase being divided into primal cuts, literally representing the role of processors with dotted lines. These dotted lines then wrap across the back cover to represent the exporting journey. To highlight the network of processors, every processor in Australia was mapped as a point of light on a night-time model, conveying the expanse of the membership base. Maximising adoption of research findings across this large, diverse base has birthed a new communications strategy and creative direction. To bring this to life, Another Colour has been appointed as AMPC’s creative partner for a full corporate re-brand.

Raw model courtesy of Strategic Engineering Pty Ltd

Another Colour are of a rare quality — they are genuine and are true partners in making ideas and concepts visual and effective. Working with Steve and his team has been a seamless experience for us. We love what they have helped us to produce and the feedback from outside our organisation has been outstanding. I believe their service is excellent value.

Claire Bond, Communication & Marketing Manager, Australian Meat Processor Corporation

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