Leverage the potential of social media to enhance your brand

What was once a forum for pure social escapism – online communities such as Facebook and Instagram – have now become monetised, engendering them as essential marketing tools for business both large and small.

This modern day electronic word of mouth, where the audience shares content with their network is both naturalistic and a trusted way people can learn about your products and services without feeling they are recipients of an aggressive sales pitch. Instead, these domains are consistently building your relationships in an organic way.

The benefits of Social Media Marketing are many and varied and encompass traits such as broad reach and influence, ability to target your audience, minimal costs, speed and ease of use. We have listed a few simple examples of the ways in which we can assist you with your next social media solution.

1. The Profile Assets

As our clients are realising the return on investment from social media activity – social media lead conversion rates are now higher than that of traditional marketing – they are increasingly putting their faith and budget into these channels.

Facebook and Instagram are the primary way our clients such as QT Hotels & Resorts and Atura Hotels can connect with their followers and their extended networks on these emerging channels. Special events, festive campaigns, Mother's Day, launches and annual celebrations are all showcased on the profile, header picture and live feed tiles for each property.

As consumers become increasingly mobile device-oriented, it highlights the importance of engaging with your audience, sharing your brand’s story across multiple platforms. In these regards, QT’s print advertisements are often repurposed for social media.

2. The Gif Project

The recent introduction of animated Gifs on Twitter allows us to present information in new and exciting ways. Working within this small canvas has its challenges and requires a stand out solution to ensure each broadcast is met with likes and retweets, mentions and replies.

As trend setters, QT Hotels & Resorts adopted this new feature early, allowing us to explore and create multi-paneled tiles embellished with bright neon colours, quirky pictures and strong typography. Once the domain of a 140 character limit, Twitter now satisfied with visual stimuli.

3. The Launch Competition

We helped launch QTea, a high tea experience with a twist at QT Gold Coast. In order to deliver this in signature QT-style we opted for a playful instagram campaign. A quirky collage was created to entice consumers to take part using hashtags to ultimately win one of these unique experiences.

We helped launch the newly established spaQ – a luxury day spa situated right in the heart of Sydney’s CBD – for quirky parent brand QT Hotels & Resorts. As Facebook's preferred marketing developer, we engaged with Strutta’s social promotion platform to undertake a contest of this size. It provides brands with the insight that helps them better understand their participants, also enabling them to build meaningful relationships with customers in the future.

Further social media activations (Facebook, Instagram) were used to deliver beauty product giveaways.

Let us be your guide

With each network boasting more than a million active monthly Australian users, social media is now arguably the most important factor influencing the marketing strategy. It has become a necessity to commit crucial time and resources, in order to maximise brand exposure across its various platforms.

This new currency for advertising your business has measurable benefits and here at Another Colour we can harness your message to engage customers and stakeholders, allowing them to participate, rather than be a mere passive viewer. As a result you will ultimately gain traffic to your website, creating new business opportunities along the way.

We have helped established brands, small startups and nonprofits connect with and grow a global audience.

For more information

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