Transposing information into compelling visual infographics

As the Industrial gives way to the Digital Revolution and waves of new information appear at an exponential rate, it becomes a primary objective to ensure clarity through visualisation.

Delivering information is primarily the domain of words and numbers in text based form, but supplementary graphics can speak volumes, enabling a quick overview and assisting those who are inclined to process through pictures.

Understanding data presented in colours and shapes is not simply aesthetically appealing but also makes learning fun. It’s this overlap of design and content where we like to create.

Let us be your guide

Creating a visual language is not a new idea and has existed throughout history in such forms as Hieroglyphics, Cuneiforms or Pictograms. These innovations have been fundamental to our advancement, as the human race continues its exchange of ideas.

At Another Colour we can distil your data into a more streamlined form of communication, telling your story visually. To master the art of transforming complex information into simple infographics is a practiced skill at which we are adept. We make impactful design solutions.

How much will it cost?

Print and digital work ranges in cost, relating to the scope of the particular job and the type of finishing required to take it to completion. A quote for design work can be discussed at the beginning of each project and a quote for printing or digital developing attained once a direction is chosen. We work with you to economise where possible.

For more information

Check out our portfolio, call us on +61 (2) 8060 9644 or email us. We’ll happily give you a comprehensive cost estimate and show you some relevant case studies. We look forward to hearing from you.