Taking your exhibition stand from concept to completion

Audience members enter trade shows and exhibitions to learn about new products, network with industry professionals and ultimately further themselves and their business. This process of enrichment is often not an approach that is planned and therefore it’s important for each stallholder to really shine, to catch the attention of every person in the crowd.

1. The Educational Experience

The Royal Agricultural Society of NSW employed us to conceptualise and design signage for The Royal Easter Show. Two major components came together for the project: promotional banners and an interactive stand designed as an educational experience about Mohair. All of this was designed to engage the customer in discussion around the process and benefits of using the natural over the artificial. Our challenge was to ensure each of the scattered elements worked together as one to drive customers back to the stand.

2. The Trade Show

Mason Grogan Industrial, suppliers of the materials required to manufacture trains, enlisted our help to envisage and bring to life their stand for AusRAIL Expo 2014. The interactive space was a lifesize replica of a train carriage, where attendees were able to get onboard, seeing the materials in action. You could touch the products being showcased and learn about them simultaneously. Graphics were created for the open plan exhibition panels and an animated video highlighting key features was produced to complete the experience.

3. The Product Launch

Event Emporium commissioned us to flex our creative muscle for Samsung on a new product launch of the Audio Multiroom, an innovative new way to integrate wireless speakers so you, the listener, can enjoy music in many rooms at once. We transformed an exhibition space, which featured a life-size replica of a home interior, whose stark white walls were graced with light grey vinyl decals of familiar household objects; and furnished with a white couch, bar and stools. All this was designed to draw the eye to the starring attraction, the exquisite black units.

4. The Exhibition Branding

The inaugural Australian Lighting and Building Automation Exhibition was an opportunity for us to devise branding for an event, including a logo and typography guide that would be used across both printed collateral and signage. We used an environmentally-inspired colour palette – a literal interpretation of “green energy” – and architectural details were incorporated into the logo itself. These concepts were then used for both larger scale outdoor advertising and exhibitor prospectuses.

Let us be your guide

In the competitive world of exhibitions and trade shows, it can be difficult to stand out, but with your next display we can ensure your demographic will hear your message. They are within reach and Another Colour can make the connection from idea, to execution, to target audience.

Whether you need a multi-tiered execution in different locations, complete with stand and mobile counter graphics or simply a range of pull up banners, we can guide you through the whole process. Not just in an auxiliary capacity but working with you, adding value to each project.

For more information

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