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An internet connection and an email address are two indispensable services for people in the modern age. Any well-thought-out marketing strategy should harness the universal nature of both with email newsletters. Not only are they an economical, more targeted and time-wise way of communicating with your customers, they are also eco-friendly, with measurable results.

Creating an effective email newsletter is not an exact science, it requires a fine balance of compelling content, visually arresting images, a strategic layout and of course, an artful finesse. We work with developers to ensure our designs translate, for cross-browser and email program compatibility. Here are but a few of the ways in which we can help you.

1. The Email Invitation

Taronga Zoo’s annual Zoofari gala dinner is something that we are always very proud to be a part of. For the Cherish our Chimps special event branding we created a motif, sourcing images from vintage biology books showing Chimpanzees amongst their native flora and, using a collage technique, placed them against backgrounds of muted neutral tones. Email invitations were sent to guests so as to be more environmentally friendly, rapid and to enable the marketing team to collate RSVP’s electronically. The event was a huge success.

In 2014, French champagne house Dom Pérignon teamed up with winemaker, Vincent Chaperon and Richard Geoffroy, to create three unique vintage blends that embodied their quest for perfection. One of our tasks for the multifaceted launch of this collaboration was to design an email invitation, which was distributed to VIP clients and patrons. We understood the importance of making a piece that reflected the visionary spirit of the guest collaborators and the regal nature of Dom Pérignon. With jet black and metallics, serifed fonts and ornate flourishes, it was an inspired union for these two luminaries of taste.

2. The Monthly Lifestyle E-Newsletter

As QT Hotels & Resorts go-to partner for its campaign and event marketing, our team produces e-newsletters for each of the five properties and one for spaQ. These are rhythmically mailed out monthly and fortnightly, with a curated collection of links to products and services, special offers, points of cultural interest, news and events.

Although it functions as a direct sales tool it is visually compelling with a magazine look, an editorial feel and contains quality articles that act as a further incentive for the subscriber to click through to the website or share the information with others.

3. The Welcome Email

Our close working relationship with Staging Connections began back in 2007 and includes nearly a thousand jobs. This history provides us with valuable insight of the company’s direction, audience and underlying brand aesthetic.

This aesthetic is paramount for a subscriber’s first email, establishing a familiarity with the brand and create a good first impression. It is important to maintain a consistent look and feel from issue to issue, to strengthen the brand image in the eyes of your customers.

Sales campaigns throughout the year inform the readers of other products and services or special offers, with each release exploring new aspects of the business.

4. The Email Campaign

As part of a direct mail campaign to promote their new services, audio visual company AVExpress needed to exemplify their points of difference – simplicity and affordability – in a memorable and dynamic promotion.

We created a series of tongue-in-cheek comic strips that were built on the adventures of AVExpress Man, each one rewriting a classic childhood fairytale, with characters living in a modern, sometimes stressful world filled with technology needs that only our hero could provide.

Another component to this quirky campaign involved an accompanying online picture book that appeared on social media sites for fans to read and learn more about the services in a fun and simple way. These captivating stories, with the potential to go viral, succeeded as people shared them online and became familiar with their products and services.

Let us be your guide

We can take your content from conception to delivery and ensure ‘cut through’ within your customers inbox. Your email newsletters – when compared to traditional advertising channels such as TV, radio, and print – are far more efficient in terms of production time and money.

You will have a faster audience response, build customer loyalty and drive business to on and offline channels, and traffic to social networks. It is also possible to determine who is opening these emails and what elements within they are clicking on, therefore allowing you to tailor content to the needs of your audience.

Another Colour are a team that is dedicated to a quality assured service, understanding your needs as well as the customers, to ensure a quality product is delivered. That’s a call to action no business can afford to resist.

For more information

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