Lock Distributors

A company with over 25 years' experience, this brandmark holds the company's values in mind. A modern take on the company's initials was used to create a structured emblem in a fresh colour scheme. More on this project.

Beachside Breaks

The logo designed for the Sydney-based holiday-letting company captures a sunset within a location pin. More on this project.

Australian Lighting and Building Automation Exhibition

The Australian Lighting & Building Automation Exhibition utilises a faceted structure in shades of green to enforce the environmental aspect of the conference.

Able Locksmiths & Security

For this well-established company, we developed an interlocking symbol that was both literal and symbolic of the company's product offering, services and history. More on this project.


For this global technology company we designed a symbol that represents the endless possibilities of their online procurement system for the hotel industry and its buying and selling capabilities. More on this project.

Night Rail Jams

Each year Thredbo host activities for guests. We enticed people with colourful, youthful graphics, whilst remaining sympathetic to the existing brand that their audience is familiar with. More on this Project.

Central Poultry Industries

CPI supply of all types of poultry shelters – a series of shapes reminiscent of the structures also spells out the company's acronym.

Marcel Mancini Fotografia

We designed a logo that transformed the letter M into a camera. A solid, contemporary colour palette of green, black and white was chosen to create a bold brand icon.

The Adventure Specialists

A travel agency with expertise in ‘soft adventure’ or leisure travel experiences, this had to capture the dynamism of discovery and travel whilst maintaining a sense of security and professionalism. More on this project.

Tanderra Consulting

As a business specialising in the continual improvement of their clients' performance, the logo needed to speak of reaching the pinnacles of success, through thin elongated type and a star emblem. More on this project.

Red Riding Hood

Playing on the traditional Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale, we created an identity for Urban St Kilda’s new lunchtime catering service.

The Lunetta Baking Company

In this logo, a classical typeface accompanies a silver crescent, and takes inspiration from the company's name, which in Italian means "Little Moon". More on this project.

Level 10

For Urban Hotel Group’s Brisbane property, we designed a series of logos for the conference rooms, using colourful illustrations of the city skyline that highlighted the features, views and name of each room. More on this project.

Event Emporium

To accompany the slogan we coined for this event management company – Where Artistry Meets Alchemy – we developed a minimal brandmark; a nod to the periodic table. More on this project.