How to build a better brand

A brand starts out with an idea and is kept alive by building trust with its customers through consistency of message whilst being dynamic, ensuring its growth.

At Another Colour, we can take your ideas and give them a face; breathe new life into an existing brand; or manage brand assets to raise awareness and extend customer loyalty.

We believe in taking a holistic approach towards your company’s brand. A brand is not all about the logo. It is many elements working together to give your audience an overall feeling or ‘gut reaction’ to your product, service or organisation.

Here are some of the many ways in which we bring our clients’ brands to life.

1. The Start Up

For Beachside Breaks, we were challenged with designing a visual brand identity including all the supporting branding assets. Using a beach-inspired colour palette, we created a logo and a set of minimal illustrations, capturing Australia's unique coastal lifestyle.

We’ve taken a small bakehouse named The Lunetta Baking Company from a domestic kitchen to commercial retail spaces across New York.

2. The Brand Refresh

Staging Connections had evolved over time, broadening the scope of their products and services. As their brand changed, they found that this new brand was being misrepresented – thats where we came in, with an injection of personality for a fading corporate look. We developed a full suite of marketing materials and overhauled the website with a splash of colour and an image focused interface.

3. The Re-brand

The Adventure Specialists has been transformed into a modern, assured brand, which has broadened its customer base beyond its previous demographic. Strong geometric shapes, coupled with aspirational full colour imagery, have contributed to a vibrant revamp.

4. Brand Management

A long-term relationship has been forged with Silversea, a luxury cruise line that operates eight ships that sail itineraries all around the world throughout the year. Multiple projects and two sub brands are maintained from week to week. The scope of work extends from print to online, with anything from advertising, stationery, exhibition graphics, catalogues and e-newsletters being included on our schedule.

5. The Campaign Brief

Thredbo ski resort in the Snowy Mountains is one of Australia's premier year round destinations. Each year they host activities for guests that range from family fun nights, downhill ski challenges, photography competitions to snowboarding displays. These engaging experiences are seasonal and require a brand of campaign that will entice people with colourful, youthful graphics, whilst being familiar and sympathetic to the existing Thredbo branding. For the 2014 ski season, five logos were created in total and applied across printed and online mediums.

Let us be your guide

If you want to build a powerful brand, you need a well-researched name; an inspired yet timeless logo; and a set of comprehensive supporting graphics and collateral that will continue to project your message. Our broad experience with companies, from startups to established firms, and our love of  delivering the artistic without forgoing the functional, make us your perfect guides for the journey ahead.

What's included?

Brand packages include a brand workshop, logo design, supporting graphics design, colour palette, stationery design and compilation of an easy-to-read style guide. We’ll start with three concepts (accompanied with design rationale), and incorporate your feedback to refine them into a robust and inspired creative solution. Optional extras can include (but are not limited to): development of your brand’s name and a tagline, website design, social media assets, brochures, stationery and an e-newsletter template.

For more information

Check out our portfolio, call us on +61 (2) 8060 9644 or email us. We’ll happily give you a comprehensive cost estimate and show you some relevant case studies. We look forward to hearing from you.