20 Rising Stars who will change our world is the third and final edition of the Research @ UNSW series. The brochure celebrates the innovative and inspiring work of emerging research leaders. We were tasked with capturing a youthful and energetic design to showcase the up-and-coming researchers whose work will have global impacts.


We created a seamless illustration – electric waves, each unique in colour and form, give a sense of movement on the page, alluding to the dynamic effect the researchers are having in their fields.

We compiled a detailed photography brief (for photographer Quentin Jones), which called for each individual to be captured in their working environment with a bold use of colour, and enough negative space to hold the wave illustrations and pull quotes.


The cover was printed in vibrant, fluorescent inks, and we worked with printers Lindsay Yates through many press checks to maximise the design’s clarity. We collaborated closely with the UNSW web developers to create an accompanying website – the wave illustration became a website header set in perpetual motion.