We were approached by the UNSW Galleries to produce the 2015 and 2016 annual program of events and individual show guides. Located at the Paddington campus, the new multi-purpose venue host not only Art & Design exhibitions, but also caters for more immersive experiences, including performances, screenings and seminars.


For the 2015 program, an A5 booklet was designed using uncoated paper and a wrap-around cover. The cover art was taken from the work of photographer Shaun Gladwell, a UNSW alumni and featured artist. The program was split into three main ‘seasons’ of work: Shaun Gladwell; Living Here Now; and Generation Next (a title coined by Another Colour) each having a separate sub-identity designed.

An identity was created for a new monthly soiree hosted by UNSW Galleries – First Fridays, an evening program that combines film, performance and talks along with drinks to promote a social environment. The two interlocking Fs, taken from the event’s initials and inspired by the repetition of sound, also referenced the The Galleries own logo and three physical levels.


Two additional programs were designed for the shows We are in: Wonder LAND, a collection of experimental art from Central Australia; and Shelter Union, a series of projects from artists and architects that explores the issues surrounding urban space and housing. For We are in Wonderland, a fold-out poster was devised that upon opening revealed an introductory essay and images with accompanying quotes from those involved in the show. The cover image for Shelter Union was inspired by an artwork depicting a shanty town using pops of bright blue contrasted against neutral backgrounds.

For the 2016 program, an innovative poster format was created: a keepsake poster portraying a still from John Akomfrah's Vertigo Sea had the full year's program on the reverse panels.

In line with UNSW Galleries dedication to sustainability and the environment, all materials were printed on 100% recycled paper.



Image credits

Program 2016, Images 1 to 4
Adrian Paci: The Column, 2013; Yang Yongliang, A Bowl of Taipei no. 4; Shona Illingworth, Amnesia Museum; Helen Pynor and Peta Clancy, The Body is a Big Place; Guy Ben-Ary, cellF performing with Darren Moore; Photos by Richard Kingsford; Photo by John Porter; John Akomfrah, Vertigo Sea; Neil Brandhorst, Segue, Photo by Britta Campion; Lewis Doherty, Untitled, Photo by Britta Campion; Doris Bush Nungarrayi, painting a version of  Tjurrpinyi; Angelica Mesiti, Rapture.

Program 2015, Images 5 to 14
Shaun Gladwell, Untitled – Murramarang Plank; Photo by Christian Capurro; Photo by Brett Boardman; Shaun Gladwell, The Flying Dutchman; Volker Kuchelmeister, City Jam; Installation by Kieran Butler, Photo by Edwina Richards; Body Image exhibition featuring Dr John McGhee; Photo by Britta Campion.

Shelter Union, Images 15 to 17
Artéria, Skyline Operation.

We are in Wonder LAND, Image 18
Lizzie Ellis Still #3, Tjawina Porter at Kuruyurltu, 2014.