We designed a range of packaging and branding assets for a collection of traditional Italian baked goods that uses family recipes with a modern twist. As part of the identity brief, a series of slogans and cheeky product names were developed.


The silver crescent that appears on each product was inspired by the title of the company, which in Italian means Little Moon. We researched and sourced Renaissance-style illustrations such as cherubs and Sibyls, from vintage books and overlaid these with bright, neon colours to capture a playful mix of the traditional and the modern.


The vintage black and white illustrations provided a sense of sophistication to the packaging, which contrasted with the playfulness of the brighter colours used to differentiate the flavours. Classic fonts were chosen that emphasised the company’s traditional family recipe and were also used on accompanying business cards, stickers and social media assets.

The project featured on packaging design blog The Dieline.