The Adventure Specialists is a travel agency with expertise in ‘soft adventure’ or leisure travel experiences, catering to a slightly older audience of 40+. Our brief was to create a new logo and identity for the company including marketing material and an email newsletter that would entice a new wave of clients through a more contemporary and visually appealing brand. This had to capture the dynamism of discovery and travel whilst maintaining a sense of security and professionalism.


A range of vivid, colourful, semi-transparent triangles were arranged to recreate the traditional image of a compass and an abstract, dynamic three-dimensional design evolved. This is also representative of the ‘guiding star’ sailors once used to navigate their journeys. The colour palette consists of colours found in natural landscapes – bright blues, vivid greens and sunny yellows.


Business cards were created using a close up, abstracted version of the compass. A modernised typeface (inspired by early 20th Century geometric fonts) was used along with aspirational images of remote, yet tranquil, locations on the new brochures and email newsletter.