With the success of the 2016 & 2017 Student Guides, we were re‑commissioned to design the 2018 Undergraduate and Postgraduate Student Guides for UNSW Art & Design (formerly COFA).


Our challenge was to design inspiring recruitment collateral, that embraced the faculty's affinity for experimentation and was distinct from other faculties and competitors.

The design was inspired by the University’s new tagline ('Australia's Global University') and aligned with the 'Global Impact' pillar of their 2025 Strategic Plan. Each page in the guides embraces a line of latitude and longitude, finished with textures inspired by the creative spaces of the campus. Student profiles featured on different-sized pages, giving firsthand insights into each course.

The textured designed was also applied to the Open Day program, and included a 3d visualisation of the campus.


Long form document design
Custom illustrations
Print management
Photography art direction
Pull up banners

Open Day images courtesy silversalt and UNSW.