With the success of the 2016 Student Guides, we were re-commissioned to design the 2017 Undergraduate and Postgraduate Student Guides for the faculty of Art & Design (formerly known as COFA) at the University of New South Wales.

Our challenge was to design inspiring recruitment collateral, distinct from other faculties and campuses, that embodied the diverse curriculum and illustrated the Faculty's focus on experimentation, disruption and exploration.


With the permission of students and photographers, a variety of image treatments were adopted to create arresting and dynamic compositions. Collectively, they visually portrayed the themes of reenvisioning, rethinking, reframing and reshaping. The wrap-around covers featured landscapes of the Paddington campus; created using a collage of digital media and fine art elements.


Over 17,000 copies of the guides were printed, a record number for the faculty. The image treatments and theming of the colourful guides has been incorporated into Student Recruitment presentations and Open Day collateral. We look forward to working further with the faculty, joining their endeavour to challenge the status quo.


Campus photography by silversalt.