Our clients at Event Emporium organise this annual gala event to celebrate those who display excellence in their chosen field. A costume ball was the best way to recognise their hard work and entice with a theme inspired by a story we all remember embraced our spirit of adventure.


As the storybook told the tale of a young girl with a need to quench her curiosity, we saturated our banners, programs and invitation with dazzling symbols of a fantasy-filled journey to be had – a maze, a pair of vanishing legs and a mysterious little rabbit – along with the teasing language like ‘eat me, drink me’.


The awards night, like the invitation, was a collage of colourful characters, brilliant set pieces, where a sense of curiosity reigned. Any pursuit of excellence requires the same courage and carefree abandon Alice manifested. It was a perfect marriage of art and life.

Event images courtesy of Event Emporium