With fewer than 120 Corroboree Frogs left in the wild, Taronga Zoo required an inspiring concept for their charity Taronga Dinner. To give invitees a sense of hope of rejuvenating the Frog’s population, an invitation was made to visually reference its breeding and lifecycle.


A series of holes were drilled into recycled black card, representing tiny frogs eggs. Each hole had black gloss along the rim to represent the egg’s membrane. The invitation worked in a series of layers – upon opening, the eggs appeared to hatch into tadpoles. We used the distinct pattern of the Corroboree Frog as the colour scheme for both invitation and booking form, and the egg cluster motif was also used on the program cover and throughout the event.


The event succeeded in raising over $200,000 on the night which went towards a breeding and conservation program that now includes a permanent station at the zoo where guests can watch eggs hatching.

The event collateral appeared on design blog For Print Only; featured on PaperSpecs with Sabine Lenz; awarded Graphic Design of the Day, Design and Design, International Design Awards; and was published in Design and Design, Book of the Year, Volume 7.