SpaQ is the QT Hotels & Resorts luxury beauty treatment facility located at their Sydney, Canberra, Gold Coast and Port Douglas properties. A destination to indulge the senses, we were asked to create  marketing collateral that would capture the unique aesthetic of the SpaQ experience.


To highlight the distinct feel SpaQ has in comparison to other day spas, we created a monthly digital newsletter that combined retro photography with a bright, modern colour palette – a reference to the modern-with-a-vintage-twist aesthetic of both the QT and SpaQ brands. To capture the attention of the reader, the Another Colour team created humorous and attention-grabbing headlines that encouraged readers to click through to the main website.

Inspired by old-world apothecaries, a post-treatment “prescription” note was created for SpaQ guests. Written on this would be a list or series of prescriptions or follow-up treatments and products as advised by SpaQ therapists.

In keeping with the classical chemist theme, digital gift vouchers were designed with traditional botanical illustrations adorning the background.


The architecture of the newsletter created an engaging, informative communication tool that increased traffic to the SpaQ and QT websites: the interweaving of promotions with interviews and information on services encouraged guests to click-through. The juxtaposition of modern and vintage imagery perfectly captured QT quirk while also directly referencing SpaQ’s interior décor.