Two major components needed to come together for the project: promotional banners and an interactive stand designed as an educational experience about Mohair. The promotional banners that teased people back to the Natural Fibre Showcase were to feature lifestyle photography and muted, earthy tones, with the key messages splashed across them – 100% Natural, 100% Responsible and 100% Australian.


Large scale images of wool, alpaca, cotton and angora graced the large-format graphics for The Natural Fibres Showcase along with products that are produced from these raw materials and a mix of modern and classic typefaces. At the Mohair stand the raw wool was interspersed with finished products such as jumpers and socks, photos from the farm and informational charts.


All of this was designed to engage the customer in discussion around the process and benefits of using the natural over the artificial. This is essentially the key message of the show itself, use of Australian, all-natural products that are farmed and produced locally. We look forward to working with RAS again in 2015.