Koons re-envisioned his infamous Balloon Venus: a metallic hot-pink, 1.27m sculpture that was inspired by the prehistoric Venus of Willendorf. The artwork literally embodies the bottle, opening up to reveal the delicious rosé nestled inside. Our job in helping launch the collaboration was to create a limited edition oversized postcard, which was distributed to VIP clients and patrons. We understood the importance of designing a printed piece that reflected the colourful character of Koons and the elegant nature of Dom Pérignon.


On one side, the A5 postcard depicted the Balloon Venus (which sells for US$20,000) and on the other, the artist himself interacting with the work. A jet black, leather-textured gift card was then attached to the bottles, branded on the front with a gold foiled logo and tied up with black ribbon. To capture the impact of the sculpture, we used a matte black laminate for the background and the image of the sculpture was then embellished with a shiny spot varnish. In keeping with the rosé theme, hot pink foiling was used for the text heading and Dom Pérignon logo. It was an inspired union for these two luminaries of taste and design.


A further series of banquets presented by Dom Pérignon called for an understated design with a premium finish. We duplexed heavy, black boards together to create invitations with an indulgent weight (1,200gsm), and finished them with gold and black hot-stamping.