For 2013, the focus was on the Chimpanzee. Once found in forests throughout Equatorial Africa, the number of chimps in the wild has declined rapidly due to the destruction of habitat and the illegal trade as pets and bushmeat.


To create a motif for the event we sourced images from vintage biology books showing Chimpanzees amongst their native flora and, using a collage technique, placed them against backgrounds of muted neutral tones that captured the fragility of not only the Chimpanzee but the forests they need to thrive. E-invites were sent to guests so as to be more environmentally friendly and uncoated, recycled stock was used for the evening’s program and collectable postcards. The images from the collateral were then repurposed for the décor and signage found throughout the event.


The event was a huge success, raising a grand total of $297,000 through ticket sales, auctions, raffles and pledges, and will go towards the protection and conservation of the African Chimpanzee.

Images courtesy of the Taronga Foundation.