Create a national campaign that would celebrate Atura’s unique position as an urban-based range of hotels situated in unexpected locations that offered a fresh look at familiar surroundings.

This included a series of digital campaigns, promoting the individual perks and quirks of each property.


For the national campaign, we used the Atura Hotel emblem (AH) in the brand’s signature yellow to create a cross-section where each window of the logo gave the viewer a glimpse into the various comforts and activities that could be experienced at Atura Hotels. A collage effect was used to create impact and a fun, busy atmosphere. This was contrasted against a background of textured, polished concrete which was taken from close-up photography of architectural details from the Atura properties.

A simple, yet direct, mantra “Ignite, Excite, Inspire” was created after a visit to the Blacktown property and reflected the aspirational nature of the Atura brand.

To draw attention to the individual attractions of each hotel, a series of digital food and beverage campaigns were devised that highlighted their specific experiences. A mix of retro images with cheeky, eye-catching titles were used to draw in the attention of the viewer.


The national campaign successfully captured the dynamic aesthetic of Atura Hotels. The national campaign translated into both printed and online collateral, and placed on heavily trafficked billboards in Australia. The slogan “Ignite, Excite, Inspire” was implemented as the official proposition for the Atura brand.