We’ve created a series of five new home page graphics for our regular viewers and those just tuning in, sure to indulge the curiosity of all Internet ‘channel surfers’. Drenched in nostalgia for our first love, our new set celebrates the colourful TV test pattern.


The celebratory series focuses on RGB colour values, highlighting one for each and exploring the moods that each one evokes. We’ve personalised these shapely creations, not just with a bright colour makeover but with the Another Colour icon, hidden amongst the framework of the original device. These home page graphics won't be used for calibrating any monitors like the test patterns of old but they may make you pine for the days when you patiently waited pre-dawn for the regular programming to begin.


This is the third range of inspired graphics our studio has designed and implemented across our website and all social media. It follows on from Of Curious Creatures and When Rodin met Rozendaal; and will sit beside them in our online shop at Society6. You can have your favourite design stretched onto canvas or on a clock face, as a rug or baby onesie, adorning your iPhone case or even a shower curtain. As they used to say on Sale of the Century – ‘Let’s go shopping!’.