We navigated the facets of a colour spectrum to explore its wondrous relationship to the world around us. In the process we hoped to create a new series of inspired landscapes. History and fantasy would collide as the viewer is engaged and the scenes come to life.


We took an expansive scene – mountains, meadows and waterfalls – populating each with illustrations, flora and fauna photography, finishing them off with a human element. This layering effect loaned a 19th-century diorama-like theatricality to each one. Throughout the flourishes of nature and pops of man-made elements appears the ever present line of colour, graduating from the warm to the cooler values.


We acquired various vintage graphics from public domain sites such as Superfamous, Life of Pix and Unsplash to create this nostalgic colour continuum. When the series is placed end to end, the wheel cycles upon itself, completing the circle.

Superfamous photographs courtesy of Folkert Gorter.