Now, there are a number of books that reside on our studios bookshelf, titled in no particular order – Knowledge is Beautiful, Visual Storytelling, Data Flow and The Visual Miscellaneum. They all take raw data and transpose it into infographics and diagrams that not only look appealing but ensure the viewer is captivated by the information. These were our point of reference.


We used our musical loves and loathes, coffee consumption and commute times – anything related to our daily studio life in 2014 – distilling it all into one dynamic infographic. On a base of charcoal we used a bold mix of typefaces, played with scale and colourful icons in an effort to move the eye through each section. While some of the statistics are quite subjective and frivolous (such as the 'credibility' of our musical tastes), others were more insightful, such as the breakdown of our clients by industry.


As most people learn visually it makes sense to convey information pictorially because a higher percentage of images are being processed and retained by the brain rather than if it were purely text based. This infographic is also a valuable learning tool as we have assessed the increase in digital over print work through the years and reassessed our excessive intake of coffee.

Images courtesy of Shutterstock