We recently worked on exhibition materials for Mason Grogan Industrial, which really opened up our eyes to the level of detail that goes into something that we often take for granted – trains, and the materials involved in their production, ensuring we get from A to B in safety and comfort.

Leading up to the AusRAIL industry expo, Mason and Grogan asked us to prepare a set of collateral to showcase the unique, hard-wearing materials of the Industrial rail-focussed branch of their business. Following on from the success of the podiatry folder and compendium, we had big (design) shoes to fill.

We were tasked with the project of taking a few existing flyers and giving them a refreshed look, and overall consistency, with a modern feel. All nine of which were to be encased in an eye catching folder with a wrap around cover and a spot UV to highlight text and a logo.

The interactive space was a lifesize replica of a train carriage, where attendees were able to get on, touch and see the materials in action. The whole experience reminded us a little of going to Questacon in Canberra as kids where you could touch all of the fun things and learn at the same time! Graphics were created for the open plan exhibition panels and a video highlighting key features was produced to complete the experience.