The word on the street

Right around the corner from our studio is a freshly painted mural from the street artist who goes by the pseudonym of Numskull. In fact, in many of the surrounding streets and on any available surface lives a piece of art whose brush strokes or sprayed droplets are a testament to talented artists working outside of conventional galleries.

As a street artist and typographer extraordinaire Numskull brings his art straight to the people. There’s a pearl of wisdom to be found in his popular turns of phrase, illustrated in large scale decoratively painted font displays the world over, on a wall near you.

Not only does Numskull do site-specific work like his memorable Taupo, New Zealand mural, which takes its cues from Ghostbusters with the quote ‘when there’s something strange in your neighbourhood’, he also works from a studio. When he strays from his staple street style he can be seen adorning canvas and paper with cartoonish characters reminiscent of daffy duck or pluto pup, with bulbous eyes peeking out at its viewers.

But the one we adore is the one we walk past each day coming to work. ‘What a wonder full day to go painting!’ he exclaims in giant metre-high letters, and we concur it was. For what he produced on that day conveys his message in succinct, bold type while appearing effortless and fun.

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