Game Plan

The client partners with businesses the world over to bring total event management solutions, so this proposal for the Netball World Cup 2015 required a universal approach; one that captured the frenetic pace of the game and a considered business strategy.

Court Action

Across the six volumes we presented budgets, company overviews and ceremonies, using the NWC’s branding. Woven throughout the mandatory facts and figures were images of the players with splashes of colour to elevate what would have otherwise been a text heavy document. Dramatic computer renders sat alongside these images to help the prospective client visualise the practicalities.

The Score

Each one was wrapped up in a cover, which sported the uniforms for differing positions within the team, coded with bold colours to denote the section. We finished them with a matt celloglaze to partially arrest the vivid colours and lend it an air of seriousness. A customised thick white cardboard box, fastened with magnetic closures and adorned with complementary graphics, enveloped all of the booklets.