A fundraising farewell to the growing lads of Taronga’s Asian Elephant herd

There comes a time in a bachelor’s life when he needs to move out of home and on to bigger pastures. This, it seems, is something that is true across all species including the Asian Elephant.

As part of our ongoing partnership with Taronga Zoo, we designed invitations for 2014’s annual Taronga Dinner, “Elephant Journey”, which raised funds towards the sustaining of crucial breeding programs of the Asian Elephant.

It was also, in part, a send off to the Zoo’s maturing herd of adolescent males – a testament to the success of their breeding programs – who were were being relocated to the larger enclosures of Taronga’s Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo.

The invitation itself reflected both the elephant’s journey and ultimate arrival at their new home: a unique gate fold was crafted with ornate asian imagery to suggest a new door opening for them just as an old one closes. Upon opening, an image of two elephants greeting each other with their trunks – much like a hug or handshake – takes the centre. Additional pull outs, including the RSVP, were printed with images of the elephants in various forms of contact to continue the welcoming sense of family or “herd”. Regal golds and cool aqua colours featured heavily, paired with a classic typeface.

On the night programs were placed at the tables and a presentation projected for the guest speakers to provide much needed visuals for their stories. The success was not only measured by the happy attendees but the $350,000 raised through auctions, purchases and generous donations. The project was featured on Creative Pool.