One of our newest clients, Brigitte Mancini, contacted us all the way from Port Douglas. After receiving her accreditation as a civil servant, Brigitte wanted our help to create an identity and marketing collateral for her company, Sweet Ceremony.

After talking to Brigitte about her ideas for the business and the direction she wanted it to take, we thought it was important to create an identity that would be suitable for all the services that she provided: not just weddings but funerals, naming ceremonies and vow renewals too. In order to achieve this we decided early on that this meant avoiding the traditional or cliched images or the colour pink. Instead, we chose a bold, black background with a gold filigree pattern to create a contemporary yet classic identity that would be appropriate for all occasions.

Once the job was completed, we thought it would be interesting to have a chat with Brigitte about her experience in starting up a small business and learn what advice she had to offer others who were going through, or about to start, the same process.

Hi Brigitte, thanks for taking the time to chat with us! Can you tell us a little about yourself and Sweet Ceremony?

Well I am 55 years old, wife to a man I have passionately loved for 39 years and a mother to two children who have truly taught me to be a more tolerant and better person, inspiring me to always achieve what I thought was not within my capabilities. I have worked in hospitality for many years and have always thought how wonderful it would be to get into the celebrancy business. I am a hopeless romantic and a strong believer that love can heal almost everything. It was after a conversation with my daughter that it clicked, and in that moment my ‘Sweet Ceremony’ journey began. The next day I was busy researching courses, starting my own small business and gathering thoughts on what this new business would be called.

What made you want to start your own business?

Since we first got married, I have always operated my husband’s air conditioning business. My time in this role was incredibly beneficial because it provided so much knowledge and I learnt so many applicable skills, but you never feel the pride nor the passion you get when you’re driving your own affair. When you have your own business you are the recipient of your own criticism and rewards and you are responsible for your improvements and successes. Starting up Sweet Ceremony came when I was ready for a new challenge which allowed me to use all my skills and strengths acquired over my adult life. Sweet Ceremony is also operated from my home office, where I still manage my husband’s administrative affairs also. These two roles mean I’m lucky to be never doing the same routine all the time – there’s never a dull moment and inspiration surrounds me.

When you contacted Another Colour, what were the most important things that you wanted to achieve through dealing with them?

I approached Steve whilst I was designing my website. I needed and wanted a logo I would be proud of; one that represented my business. The name Sweet Ceremony was reflective of my delivery, and my logo would reflect my style. Its design needed to look how the name sounded but be classy and professional. Another Colour did just that.

Steve supported my thoughts and led me away from some of my initial ideas, and for that I am so grateful for his professional advice. Steve and his team were invaluable with some professional advice and were forthcoming with creative input about the website.

What was the process you followed in creating your company identity? What were the most important elements you wanted represented in the final creation?

I researched my business online and made a note of each reaction made from each website observed. Some I admired and some I hoped my business would never resemble. The elements I wanted to portray were what my business and services offer, how these are offered and their outcome. Being on the wise and mature side, I am a little reserved with business concepts and ethics. What I wanted to represent was honesty, simplicity, professionalism and style.

How did the team at Another Colour help you achieve this?

The members of the team I dealt with were approachable, interested and creative. They listened to me and understood exactly what I had in mind but found difficult to describe. Steve knew what I wanted done, and he provided me with new ways of thinking about what I wanted to achieve. Steve and his team got things done quickly and well, and they were extraordinarily helpful at every step. They also came up with a business card that has received endless positive responses. Every recipient of my business card compliments me on its appearance and design and it always manages to get more than just a quick glance and a slide in the pocket. The card is a great conversation starter.

Can you describe your overall experience with Another Colour?

One of the best decisions I have made on my Sweet Ceremony journey. The identity created by Another Colour is the most crucial business tool I will ever possess that speaks volumes about what I do and who I am. Dealing with Another Colour was about the quality, the promptness, the attention to detail and the effectiveness of their work.

Do you have any advice for other people interested in starting their own business? Or even people who may already have their business and would like to develop their brand more?

For someone interested in starting up their own business I would advise them to never underestimate their own abilities and potential. You will never know unless you take that step. You are not alone, and sourcing a good creative agency to assist with design and branding will see you succeed.