Our journey of creative partnership with Taronga Zoo

Another Colour have supported fundraising events by Taronga Zoo, delivering imaginative new design solutions for many events over the last five years.

We have grown close to each cause and feel rewarded as funds are raised, aiding in the conservation of a wide range of animals, both local and abroad.

The design features that made the event branding for each occasion memorable, motivating and moving have been mapped out below on a timeline.

Zoofari 2010 – Year of the Tiger

Upon removing a golden belly band, the reader came face-to-face with a Tiger. Once unfurled, the invitee held in their hands the last 400 Sumatran Tigers left in the wild, each tiger’s silhouette hand-drawn and gold foiled. See more images of this project here.

Taronga Dinner 2011 – Wild Frontiers

A series of exotic landscapes appeared throughout the invitation, with a stark, white silhouette reversed from the photographs representing a ‘missing’ animal. It invited the audience to imagine a world in which animals did not exist.

Zoofari 2011 – Black and White Lemur Ball

The playful nature of these animals was captured as the invitation was unrolled to reveal the Lemur’s story on one side and a full-scale replica of the distinctive Lemur tail on the other. See more images of this project here.

Taronga Dinner 2012 – Leap for Survival

With fewer than 120 Corroboree Frogs left in the wild, a strong message was required with this event invitation. A carefully die cut pocket referencing frog eggs is removed to reveal a small number of baby frogs within. See more images of this project here.

Zoofari 2012 – Five for the Wild

A cascade of flowing watercolour and pen illustration graced this invitation to create a visual feast, celebrating the Asian Elephant, Cassowary, African Wild Dog, Sumatran Tiger and the Platypus. The result was a set of colourful pieces with differing textural elements, set to bold and classic typefaces. See more images of this project here.

Zoofari 2013 – Cherishing Chimps

This invitation used the nostalgia of collage, incorporating Taronga’s Chimps and vintage drawings of exotic flora to raise awareness for the destruction of habitat facing the Chimpanzee in equatorial Africa. See more images of this project here.

Taronga Dinner 2014 – Elephant Journey

We used a unique gate fold and ornate asian imagery for Elephant Journey to suggest a new door opening for young-adult Elephants as they make a new home at Western Plains Zoo. As you opened the cover, it revealed two elephants embracing on the inside spread. Regal golds and cool aqua colours featured heavily, paired with a classic typeface.

Zoofari 2014 – Tiger Zoofari

This year saw us come full circle with tigers. The concept drew upon art history from cultures all over the globe and captured tigers in diverse artworks, from varying periods to celebrate their diversity and history.

Our creative legacy. Their charitable successes.

This inspired partnership would not have been possible without the assistance of Jess and her predecessor Rebecca, Burwood Press and all the Taronga team for allowing us to create, develop and be such a big part of bringing these important events to life. Thanks to their efforts and our design solutions future generations will live to see these animals continue to exist.