“There is nothing new except what has been forgotten.” Marie Antoinette

Excuse me Miss Antoinette we beg to differ. Event Emporium’s recent partnership with Restaurant Associates, City of Sydney and Decorative Events put on what can only be described as a degustation homage to Miss M herself. A concept which captured the culinary essence of 18th century Austria and France, turned on its head with new age gastronomic magic by Andrew Collins and the team at Restaurant Associates.

With the ambiance and theming of this lavish period, we were asked to create a menu with a difference. Not just an itinerary of eating or itemised food list as most would find in pedestrian dining rooms, but a visual storybook of culinary undertakings. Referencing how each course would have been served in days of old.

Using original paintings of Marie Antoinette we wanted to reflect the new age dining experience by using a typeface in complete contrast to the era of the artwork. Rough hand-painted type and quirky collage-style illustrations brought the story to life and created an insight into the taste of Marie Antoinette whose sweet tooth was made famous during this period.