Reflections from the past can inform the present

Powerful design is a balance of arresting imagery and succinct messaging. And no one understands this better than Fukuda. Behind his bold, bright colouring is a distillation of complex ideas, often achieved through juxtaposition. Men’s legs intertwine with women’s, a new branch springs forth from an axe handle or corporate attire walks alongside psychedelic styling.

With this in mind we proposed to create our own set of modest graphics, which are almost logo-like in their simplicity. Hopefully capturing some of that Fukuda genius in the process. We extended a cheeky middle finger on one, reflected with the two fingered peace sign. Scotch bottles sit alongside soda topped with straws. All with a distinctly 21st century colour palette.

Fukuda also taught us other valuable lessons in design practice. His love of minimalism, asymmetry and sans serif typefaces served him well and, although he forged a signature style, he ensured that his unique aesthetic retained a classic timelessness decades later.

As good designers we must remain vigilant, educating ourselves in the styles and substance of intelligent work that has come before, seeking out famed creatives who can inform us and our work in the modern age. Beautiful graphics are always more compelling with meaning.