Design Feat

Every now and then a project lands on our desk that will at first challenge us with its scope but surprise us with its results. Mason Grogan Medical gave us a collection of dense information that we turned into an easily navigated, beautiful-to-thumb-through product portfolio.

Mason Grogan Medical provide innovative and high performance materials to medical professionals and pride themselves with “Materials Intelligence”. Aimed at podiatrists with the need for quick, easy to read information, the big challenge for us was to make sure there was both consistency and readily accessible information, whilst appearing well-designed and visually appealing to encourage sales. Sophisticated divider pages showcased macro photography of the technological materials available.

At the The Australian Podiatry Conference held at the Sydney Convention Centre we designed an interactive exhibition stand that extended the use of the macro photography. Business cards, advertisements, screensavers, flyers and posters that showcased the new-look were also created.

Our clients at Mason Grogan Medical have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from within the company and from clients. We recently received an email from their Managing Director, Meredyth Grogan, saying that the catalogue has already been snapped up by universities as a learning tool.