From The Vault

Behind the finished product are other valid ideas that, for one reason or another, didn’t make it through to completion. For our initial round of concepts, we always present our clients with options – and the final result is an iteration of one of these, or an amalgamation of several of them. Here we unveil some of those unused (yet still loved) concepts.

Zoofari 2011 Black & White Lemur Ball – Event Branding

For Taronga’s Annual fundraiser, we were inspired by the playfulness of the Lemurs. As children we loved playing with tangrams, so we came up with a series of geometric arrangements to make fun portrayals of the distinctly black and white animal.

The Lunetta Baking Company – Packaging

The packaging concept for these artisan cookies featured a mix of traditional elements with a sweet twist: functional brown paper is brought to life with a cursive, salmon-coloured font and cute moustache motif.

Thompson Health Care – Company Rebrand

For this family company we were assigned to do a full rebrand of their aged care facilities established in 1965. Organic watercolour compositions of the homes showed a gentle, nurturing side, while touches of gold foil depicted integrity and authority.

Moët Hennessy Collection – Packaging

A literal, yet artistic approach was used for this concept for Moët Hennessy’s online store. Rich, golden liquids swirl across the boxes of the opulent alcohol collection.

The Adventure Specialists – Company Rebrand

Using dream-like double-exposures, we combined lifestyle, travel and adventure photography to capture the emotions that are sparked when travelling and exploring the world.

Australian Lighting and Building Automation – Branding

This dynamic brand concept featured a futuristic home, shown in a range of seasons and times of day. As the weather changes around the home, block colours and icons reflect the different tiers of the Exhibition.

Tiger Zoofari 2014 – Event Branding

In this concept we captured the tiger in all its glory along with elements of its natural habitat. Flourishes of gold tones, sundrenched trees and warm hues payed homage to this formidable yet endangered animal.

Creative Process Prowess

Concept generation is the most critical stage for each branding and major creative project we work on. In the concept process we collaborate as a team and with the client, considering many approaches, each with a design philosophy that speaks to the audience.