According to Buzzfeed, creative personalities like to take risks and enjoy getting out of their comfort zones. Then again, according to this list creative people also have all the hallmark signs of having ADD but for now let’s just focus on how, for our staff Christmas party, we put the comfort zone theory to the test and passed with flying colours.

To celebrate a big year full of changes and lots of hard work, the team at Another Colour were treated to a surprise day at Sydney Trapeze School in Tempe. How Steve managed to maintain this secret is beyond us but it was a great trick because in the lead up to the event our imaginations truly got the better of us as we tried to figure out what we were actually going to be doing (paintball, obstacle courses, endurance training and ultimate cage fighting were some of the more interesting ideas that were thrown around). Nicely played Steve, nicely played.

When all was revealed, to say we were excited would have been a bit of an understatement although, by the looks on some faces, ultimate cage fighting might have been a less confronting option. After a quick introduction with the amazing instructors and a warm up session we were strapped in and ready to go!

Now, in theory eight metres doesn’t sound that high. But when you’re forced to climb a rickety metal ladder that wobbles the entire time to reach a platform from which you are meant to jump, it doesn’t matter how brave you are or how many ropes are secured to your harness, you get a little scared. And even though some of us had done it before, by the time we reached the top rung of that ladder our hands were damper than a dish rag and our knees were knocking. Maybe it was because, like Buzzfeed suggests, creative types enjoy risk taking or maybe it was because a group of eight-year-old girls were doing it at the same time and our pride got the better of us but no one chickened out.

After a few practice runs, mastering the legs-up and learning the commands, it was time for the grand finale – the catch. Steve was like a proud stage mum, when we all succeeded in mastering the art of trapeze. Not a single catch was missed thanks to the fantastic direction and encouragement from the STS staff members, although we are convinced that it was our innate athleticism and natural ability that really got us through…

After a quick stretch and a chuckle as we watched the photos of our day, it was on to the second part of our Christmas Party Challenge. Watch this space to read more about that later…

We were able to get some videos! Be amazed at our grace. Marvel at our elegant bearing. Laugh at our landings.