How the other half live

As design is our stock in trade, even a Christmas card – ephemeral: opened perhaps once, shelved for a while, then recycled – requires a certain signature touch from our designers that will have the recipient consider its quiet, eye-pleasing arrangement, if only for a moment. Although our Christmas holidays in the Southern Hemisphere have always been hot and sunny affairs, spent beachside and scantily clad, our view of Christmas can often be mired in the experiences of the Northern half. We think of falling snow, warm clothes and ice skating. So, we challenged the status quo of wintery Christmas card art and presented our clients with a nostalgic collage of Australian lifestyle imagery and scenes from our seasons traditional celebrations. We said goodbye to the genericism of Hallmark sentiment. And hello to Bondi Beach, prawns on the BBQ, shouting out loud while watching the cricket and swimsuits. We placed them on the page, sparsely, underlayed with pastel and patterned with shape. We wanted people to remember and relate.