Cartoon Connection

How do you make an event app more fun? Just add colour, and movement.

To help relaunch their event app, IStageEvent, Staging Connections asked us to develop a suite of e-brochures and a video that explained the app’s features and benefits. IStageEvent is designed to replace the traditional (and rather wasteful) paper flyers handed out at events and conferences. It informs you of keynote speakers, schedules, site-maps and bios, all in the one place, and keeps you up to date with reminders and any last minute changes to the program.

When approaching this brief, we needed something that was entertaining, communicated clearly and stayed in line with the Staging Connections brand. During this workshopping process we remembered how we learnt most things while we were growing up – cartoons!

Using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects, we created a short video that used simple white icons and colourful backdrops. We developed a soundtrack to play in the background and collaborated with the Marketing Team to create an appropriate script with vocal talents provided by one of their tech guys. It was a lot of fun making the illustrations pop, zoom about and come to life on the screen.