The message

When fitness guru Mark Moon approached us to re-work his company’s brand, the first step was to determine what sets his approach apart from every other personal trainer out there promising the perfect bod.

Mark’s unique philosophy on nutrition and exercise is built around blood types. Have you got type O blood? Your genetics most closely resemble cavemen and Mark will create a customised plan for you, likely containing high intensity exercise and a diet heavy on protein and light on grains. And if you’re a type A? Turns out calming exercises such as yoga or pilates are your best bet, along with a meal plan full of fresh fruit and whole grains.

We worked with Mark to streamline his website’s many offerings and messages into a step-by-step and holistic approach to health.

The refresh

Mark Moon Fitness is for everybody. We wanted to make the brand more approachable and appealing to both men and women from a broad age rage. We shied away from using the tough-faced, shirtless photos and an open, lowercase typeface was used for headings to continue the friendly tone. We warmed up the colour palette with an injection of fresh yellow and replaced sombre greys and blacks with clean white space.

The results

Mark explains: “after trying a few agencies in Sydney and not really getting what I was looking for, I changed agencies to Another Colour to get my business where I wanted it to be”. By spending time to understand Mark’s business and helping him define his brand’s values, we were able to overhaul his marketing materials to be more in tune with his audience which has resulted in a steady increase in his sales.