Welcome to the very first entry of our new blog on our new website to celebrate our new identity, Another Colour. This will be a place where we will share news, updates on current projects, what inspires us, ideas, and all of our random thoughts and thinks about the wonderful industry we work in.

But first things first – why the change? Whilst we still offer the same quality of work and service, we felt that we had reached a point where we had outgrown the simplicity that Steve Scott Graphic Design implied. And for several reasons.

The most obvious was that we had become just that – a ‘we’. Eight years after its humble beginnings in a home office in Darlinghurst, SSGD had grown to become a collective of creative people. This has also meant that we have definitely outgrown our living room, and we now occupy a sparkling new office in Surry Hills at the Interchange (fun fact – the studios are owned by the one and only Ken Done) and a satellite office in Melbourne.

Secondly, as the nature of the industry and the requirements of our clients changed, so have our range of services and skills developed in tangent. More than half of our work is now online: websites, social media and electronic direct marketing.

Thirdly, our ‘no frills’ name wasn’t inspiring – we thought it needed to be changed to reflect the scope of what we now do. Add to the fact that it also created the longest ever email address! SSGD had finally reached a point where it was no longer represented who we had become.

And we think that Another Colour does exactly that. It’s about seeing things in another light. It’s about being a different studio – embracing the challenges that come with your project and understanding pragmatism and creativity are not mutually exclusive. It’s also about never forgetting to have fun with what we do – to play, experiment and learn whilst doing so.

This isn’t just a website about our new identity and the work we do. It’s a place where we hope to share, discuss and inspire. It will be our gallery, our laboratory and our playground. We hope you visit us often.